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I’ve worked as a cook, a city photographer, a Director of Human Resources, a Waldorf School teacher, a psychotherapist, a drummer, and an author. I was born in southeastern Massachusetts, lived in Maine for ten years, and now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We are a family of musicians. In May 2017, Judy and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. Our incredible son, Mike, is 25. He is an organic farmer/beekeeper/bread baker/drummer in Philadelphia. At my very best, I couldn’t do on drum kit what my son can do. I have “unofficially-adopted” grown children from India and Pakistan who I have made part of my “adult family”: Deepika, Nipanjana, Javeria, Neha, Namrata, Madhu, Archana, Suvarna, Nishchay, and Piyush. (There are others, but these are the ones who call me “Angel Paa”, “Baapu”, “Touji”, “Baba”, “PapaRick”, etc.)

I’ve hosted community drum circles in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Mexico for the last 20 years. I’m the drummer in a blues band and in two kirtan bands. I enjoy reading fantasy and sci-fi, motorcycling, computers, photography, videography, building drum mallets and beaters, beadwork, cooking, and hiking. I’m a culture freak. I love the country of India and its people and I have lots of Pueblo Indian friends here in New Mexico.

When I was in my 20s, I wrote “God Should Have Worked on Sunday,” a parody of the Old Testament. It was only meant to make my friends and family laugh. I never dreamed it would be published 30+ years later. I still won’t let Amazon.com sell that one. I stand on street corners selling them out of a trench coat in plain, brown paper wrappers. People can get a bit touchy about the Bible, but I’ll bet that God chuckled when I wrote it.

The first book I wrote for publication was “Freestyle Community Drum Circles” in 2010. For years, people had been writing to me asking advice on hosting drum circles. I had reached the point where I was cutting and pasting answers. It was time to write it all down. My next project is to write a revised and expanded edition.

“My Life Cracks Me Up” was released in 2011. That was the easiest and most fun book to write. It’s my life in funny stories. It’s the one book I wouldn’t change except to add a fourth section in a decade or two and call it “Old Farthood.”

“MiXED NUTS …or What I’ve Learned Practicing Psychotherapy” was my most recent book. Published in 2016, it blended memoir with insight and did so with humor, making it my most difficult book to write. It was also the most rewarding book I’ve written.


“With more than 100 million worldwide users since 2010, Quora.com has ranked Rick among its top 25 most read contributors in the topics of Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Anxiety, and Therapists. He is ranked in the top ten most read contributors in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychosis, Counseling, Social Anxiety, Therapists, Behavioral Psychology, The Human Race and Condition, and Panic Attacks and in the top three most read in the topics of Psychotherapy, Abusive Relationships, Psychotherapists, Emotional Abuse, Therapies, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As of 9/2016, Rick’s contributions to Quora are read by an average of 42,000 readers per week.”

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