American Baapu Photo Gallery: Part 1

Page 6: Nishchay Maheshwari


Page 8: Deepika Verma


Page 8: Piyush Arora
“Goodbye Purdue, Hello Microsoft!”



Page 10: Javeria Masood


Page 10: Namrata Bhutani


Page 11: Nandita Sudha Tiwari


Page 11: Saila Islam


Page 13: Neha Photani


Page 15: My mom at my wedding


Page 22: With Nipanjana after sleeping overnight at the airport


Page 23: At the home of Miller Goss


Page 23: At our favorite Santa Fe Indian restaurant


Page 24: Nipanjana’s “Cowboy Parents”


Page 25: Kolkata Traffic. Photo by sajal mukherjee


Page 27: Holi


Page 27: Holi


Page 29: I wish I could have fit one of these in our luggage! 😉


Page 31: House crow. (The boat in the background is the one we took down the Ganges River)


Page 31: Ganges River from Millennium Park


Page 31: Scene from the Ganges River


Page 31: Sunset from the Ganges River


Page 31: House crow watching the sunset


Page 31: My best sunset shot ever!


Page 32: On my daily walks


Page 32: Garbage along my daily walks


Page 32: From my daily walks.


Page 33: Birla Temple
(internet photo)


Page 34: This beautiful little girl was in front of us in line with her dad.


Page 34: Same girl leaving the temple


Page 35: New Market crowds (internet photo)


Page 35: Pre-wedding party


Page 36: Flute and Bucket Duet


Page 36: Judy’s first time wearing a saree


Page 36: Seeing my new sherwani for the first time.


Page 36: Wedding Day!


Page 37: Judy and Nipanjana


Page 37: Judy and Nipanjana’s niece, Riya


Page 37: The bride enters


Page 37: Nipanjana and Raunaq sit together


Page 37: An emotional moment


Page 37: Married


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