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Pre-Show Kirtan Improv

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I love drumming for kirtans! I’ve drummed for Eddy Nataraj, Robert Gass, Swan Kirtan, Mata Mandir Singh,¬†Manjiri Kirtan Band, and the Bhakti Boogie Band. Foregoing the traditional, I love adding a contemporary, danceable groove to kirtan music.

In 2015, I drummed with the group that opened the Santa Fe Kirtan Festival as well as the group that closed the festival. While waiting for the festival concert to begin, I began playing a Middle-Eastern sounding rhythm of mine just to pass the time. A Filipino guitarist from another band heard my rhythm and picked up his guitar and began to play along. Gradually, other musicians from various groups joined in. My wife saw what was happening and turned on a video camera. That one piece of improvisation became my favorite piece of music of the concert.

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