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Thoughts on Turning 62…

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Last year I wrote a piece I called “Thoughts on turning 61.” One year later, these are my thoughts…
Did you know I share a birthday with Vladamir Putin, Bishop Tutu, and Yo-Yo Ma? It would be cool to go out with them for drinks… Me, Tutu, YoYo, and ‘the Poot’! 😉

There is no son I could possibly have that I would enjoy more and be more proud of than my son, Mike. But there was a tiny bit of regret that we didn’t also have a daughter. I would have also loved to have been the father to a daughter.

As I reflect on my life today, there are two young Hindu women, in and from India, who are like daughters to me. There is a young Muslim woman from Pakistan, living in the states, who is like a daughter to me. Three very special young women, in the U.S. and abroad, who feel like daughters to me when they share with me their joys and concerns… when our lives and our hearts intersect.
I think that, when we manage to remain open-hearted, this life often hands us exactly what we wish for. Not always in the conventional sense, but in essence.

Today, I wrote on my Facebook page, “If life was a ride, I’d go again.” In response, my wife wrote, “Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend, Rick Cormier. If life were a ride, I would definitely go again, as long as it was with you!”

I received sincere birthday wishes from old friends and new… relatives, drum circle friends, online friends, neighbors… and yet this year stands out. Thanks to our recent visit to India and, especially, my written contributions to Quora online… there has been a flood of birthday wishes via IMs and emails from as far away as India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Tasmania and Europe.

When I was a depressed teen, I was convinced that I didn’t ‘fit’ into this world and never would. Life has a way of humbling us all. Today, when I look at the connections I’ve made through doing psychotherapy, writing, drumming, just living, my pueblo Indian friends, my international friends… and I feel ’embraced’.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes but, most of all, thank you for being a part of my life.
I ‘fit’ because of you.